January '15 - October '16, Sheila Crider
Mysteries, Nihal Kececi Thadani
Process & Practice, Sparkplug, curated by Andrew Johnson
Art Tasting, presented by DC Arts Center
Macho - The Mask of Masculinity, DCAC's Curatorial Initiative, curated by Rebecca Cross
Greetings from Adams Morgan, curated by Philip Barlow
Counterpoint, Sarah J. Hull
In the Space of a Day, Jenny Walton


The Drawing Board , drawings by 18 artists, curated by Cory Oberndorfer (CAA)
Memory-scapes, Jung Min Park, curated by Trudi C. Van Dyke
Facebook Photos by Poets, curated by Phyllis Rosenzweig
A Day Before, Hannah Leighton, curated by Maura Callahan
Sip and Paint Van Gogh's The Starry Night, curated by Thomas Drymon, DCAC's Curatorial Initiative
Vanishing Point, Sarah West
Panacea's Box, Zofie Lang
Public Displays of Privacy, curated by Martina Dodd, DCAC's Curatorial Initiative
Power (I Know It When...), Sparkplug, curated by Lea-Ann Bigelow
THIS END UP, Project Dispatch


Composite Allusions, Duly Noted Painters, curated by Joe Hale
#thisistomorrow, Kirsten Leenaars, curated by Jose Ruiz
Dis/Satisfaction, Sparkplug, curated by Kathryn McDonnell
Thank You Artist Friends on Facebook, Akemi Maegawa
Self/Non-Self: Sequence and Abstraction, Justin Strom, Curatorial Initiative
Studio Sacrilege, Curatorial Initiative, curated by Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell
Small Worlds, Rebecca Grace Jones
Ground Zero, Craig Kraft
Pressure Points, Black Artists of DC, curated by Deirdre Darden
Singles Faire: Intimate Gestures, Jenny Walton


In The Moment, curated by Deirdre Darden
Serial Specimens, Laura Kinneberg
I Made This Just For You, Michael Booker, curated by Jefferson Pinder
Baggage Claim: Unpacking Immigrant Lives, curated by Gia Harewood
(inter)Related, Sparkplug, curated by Allison Nance
You Can't Put Art on a Pedestal, Dana Jeri Maier
(in)Visible & (dis)Embodied, Curatorial Initiative
Ink and Graphite Drawings by Nelson Gutierrez
Drawings and Photographs, Jamea Richmond-Edwards
At the Crossroad, Michael Horsley, curated by Mark Power

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External Memory, curated by Chandi Kelley
Fear Strikes Back, Curatorial Initiative, curated by Helen Frederick, Jessica Pavonne
Non Servium, Curatorial Initiative, curated by Jessica Pavonne
Archeo: Constructed Paintings by Joanne Kent, curated by Stuart Greenwell
Distributed Processes: Paintings by William Whitaker, curated by Thomas Drymon
Journeys, work by Shanthi Chandrasekar, curated by JW Mahoney

Microscapes, Curatorial Initiative, curated by Amanda Jiron-Murphy
BADC presents, A/Way Home, curated by Jarvis du Bois
Signals, curated by JW Mahoney
Loose Ends, curated by Deborah Anzinger
Zeitgeist: TOO MUCH INFORMATION, Curatorial Initiative, curated by Sondra Arkin + Ellyn Weiss
Rex Weil
Emerging from the Curious, Stephanie Williams, curated by Anna Arabindan-Kesson
DCAC Art Decathlon
The Blues and Other Colors, curated by Tim Davis

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The Phonographic Cycle, work by Champneys Taylor
Organic Plasticity, curated by Metasabia Yosef
Something Other Than the Present, curated by Blair Murphy
Re-collections: Material, Space, Memory, curated by Isabel Manalo
Travel Season, work by Chloe Watson
Stewart Watson: Family Room
Paint mix, curated by Rebecca Kallem
ReSolve, work by Richard Siegman,curated by Joanne Kent + Stuart Greenwell

FOCUS GROUP: Four Walls, Five Women, curated by Zoma Wallace
Present Interval / Intervalo en el Presente, work by Alberto Roblest
Elements: The State of the Matter, curated by Pam Rogers
Facts and Fictions, curated by Blair Murphy
Abstract Realities, curated by Trudi VanDyke
Mythical Scenographies, work from Salamandra Studios
Khánh H. Lê: Born Too Late, curated by Lea-Ann Bigelow
ADAM DE BOER: Memory Meets Imagination Halfway, curated by Laura Roulet
Black, curated by Amber Robles Gordon

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Findings, curated by Blair Murphy and Lea-Ann Bigelow
Poetics of Material, Kate Carr, David D’Orio + Lisa Hill, curated by Landria Shack
Sparkplug: New Work, curated by Blair Murphy + Lea-Ann Bigelow
The Twelfth Man, Patrick McDonough + Kenny George
Gift Exchange, curated by Laura Roulet
Yesterday's Tomorrow, curated by Billy Colbert
Genetic Drift, Gretchen Schermerhorn
Broad Street Pilgrimage, Richmond, VA, by David Hartwell
Pat Goslee: Flow
Suspicious Activities, Aziza Claudia Gibson-Hunter, curated by Michael Platt

Anhendonia, Will Schneider-White, curated by Sarah Tanguy
Kid Mutiny, curated by Ellen Tani
The Apotheosis of Kali, Anne Benolken curated by Carolyn Reece-Tomlin
DCAC's Sparkplug, curated by Blair Murphy + Lea-Ann Bigelow
Ipso Facto, Jerome Spinner, curated by Jefferson Pinder, Karen Toppin, B. Stanley
Astral Bodies, Lisa McCarty, curated by J. W. Mahoney
Matthew Langley, curated by J. W. Mahoney
The New Future, Urban Scout, curated by Kristina Bilonick

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Sloganeers, curated by Liz Flyntz
Manon Cleary: Skyscapes, curated by Lea-Ann Bigelow
Dos Pestañeos: Every Last Day
American Idolatry, Kate Hardy curated by Anne Surak
IAN AND JAN: The Undiscovered Duo, Jeffry Cudlin and Meg Mitchell
American Icons through Indigenous Eyes, curated by Suzan Shown Harjo
The Jolly Cowboy, curated by Cara Ober
By Chance…, curated by Lisa McCarty
In a Land Far, Far, Away..., Brooke Rogers, Laurel Housler, John Lancaster, Gregory Ferrand
Obsession, Amy Lin, curated by Anne Collins Goodyear

Exchange: Richmond @ DC, curated by Tosha Grantham
Herb’s Choice: Born Again Dada! curated by J. W. Mahoney
Space Of Chang, curated by Claire Huschle + Margaret Boozer
The Document: The B-Boy Project, Bat, Brandon Hill, Alex Meiners, Peter Chang
Vox Populi- Home Free
Subdivisions, curated by Matthew Best
Don't Bring No Bad News, curated by Barbara Blanco
From Sea to Shining Sea, Curated by Ori Z. Soltes + Cara Ober
Hystoria, curated by J.W Mahoney and Lisa McCarty
Bruce McKaig- Time Markers, curated by Andy Grunberg
Photo Grand Laughter, curated by Buck Downs

Points of Departure, Nathan Manual and D. Billy, curated by Trish Tillman
Herb's Choice: The Duke Ellington School of the Arts
The New Breed, work from Team Lump from Raleigh, N.C.
The Fleeting Instant of Now: Recent Works by Karey Kessler
Existing to Remain, curated by Margaret Boozer + Claire Huschle
Noelle Tan: Latent, curated by Paul Roth
Superstition, curated by Jefferson Pinder

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