Points of Departure
November 11, 2005

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Points of Departure

Works by Nathan Manual and D. Billy,
Curated by Trish Tillman

Opening Reception November 11, 2005

Enter into a conversation between the two newly acquainted DC area artists Nathan Manuel and D. Billy, and you might think you are entering a choreographed sitcom. Mix the silly nature of throwing around language and shapes paired with a whimsical yet careful attitude towards the outcome of their collaborative artworks, and you’ll find that it’s not only about the art, but that it’s also a game. In fact, the more the two artists learn each other’s artmaking aesthetics, the more strategic the game gets. The resulting gems of painted and collaged panels speak miles with an array of caricatures cut
out from books, scraps of food packaging, cardboard boxes and discarded educational materials. Lines section off compartments to define thoughts and put stereotypical lifestyles on a pedestal. Circular clouds waft ideas across the composition, projecting questions into the garish jabber jaw of fleeting discussion. In the end, the games Manuel and Billy present extend through to how life’s idioms can be taken out of context and put into someone else’s set of rules. One large-scale drawing in the exhibition will be made using ‘viewer input’ from ballots (available at DCAC) that are submitted in the month leading up to the show.