Time Markers
January 27 – February 26, 2006

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Time Markers
Bruce McKaig
Curated by art critic Andy Grunberg

January 27-February 26, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday, January 27, 7-9pm
In-gallery events: February 11,18 and 25 at 2:30pm

A project that simultaneously makes a single cumulative pinhole photograph and a digital time-lapse animation of scenes from the arts, science, business, family and social rituals
Since January 2005, Bruce McKaig has been photographing people in their places of
work, simultaneously using a pinhole cameramade froma paint can and a digital camera to capture time-lapse stills at regular intervals. The project is called Time Markers anduses both crude pinholephotography and digital technologies to record and display events from science, the arts, nature, business,social and family rituals. The materialresults from Time Markers include the single cumulative pinhole exposure, large digital contactsheets of the still
images, and a DVD where allimages have been clipped together to produce a flipbook-like animation. This projectexamines activities that surround us but that
are rarely observed: a bookkeeper, a construction site, a business meeting, a family
reunion, a cake decorator, a Rock and Roll band rehearsal, waiters at a sidewalk cafe, an archivist, people watching the news, a photography class, a paper mache artist, an exotic dancer, a frame shop, tourists in DC, a pianist rehearsing, me hand coloring photographs.
The DCAC exhibition will display monitors for the DVD animations, large prints of the
time-lapse images, and light boxes with transparentpinhole images. In addition, events will be scheduled and photographed in the gallery during the exhibition to allow the public to see the paint can and digital cameras in action.

Events will take place in the DCAC gallery and will demonstrate the pinhole camera technique.
Saturday Feb 11th at 2:30- Paul Begley, caterer will make hors d’ouevres
Saturday Feb 18th at 2:30- Caron Anton, CPA, will do bookkeeping
Saturday Feb 25th at 2:30- Kerry Keeler, artist, will do bookbinding