Home Free
June 30-July 23

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Home Free
Kate Abercrombie, Stefan Abrams, Doina Adam, Amy Adams, Anita Allyn, Corey Antis, Leah Bailis, Gabriel Boyce, Robert Chaney, Micah Danges, Sarah Daub, Nadia Hironaka, M. Ho, Charles Hobbs, Joseph Hu, Maximillian Lawrence, John Lorenzini, Roxana Perez-Mendez, Matthew Suib and Eva Wylie

June 30 – July 23, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday, June 30, 7-9pm

Homefree, a group exhibition of the artist members of Vox Populi, is a nod to our recent agoraphobia (we haven’t traveled in a while) and also, an attempt to put a positive spin on our impending homelessness (our building is being torn down sometime this year). Expect the unexpected as Vox members pack up their paintings, videos, sculpture, photos, prints, and concepts, and in our rented minivan careen down 95 to show DC how we do it in Philly and make some new friends.

Founded in 1988, Vox Populi is a nonprofit artist collective that supports the work of emerging artists with monthly exhibitions, gallery talks, performances and lectures. For nearly 20 years, Vox has occupied a unique role in the artistic and cultural community in Philadelphia by bringing our audience cutting-edge contemporary art and a diverse range of
programming, while at the same time providing a supportive environment where young artists can feel free to experiment, take risks and gain valuable experience to help them lauch their professional careers.
Come visit! www.voxpopuligallery.org