Pat Goslee, Flow,
November 21 – January 4

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Sceptor, Mixed Media, 2008

Pat Goslee: Flow

Mixed media works by Pat Goslee

November 21, 2009 – January 4, 2010

Opening Reception: November 21, 7-9 pm

“Flow” represents the most recent work by Washington, DC’s Pat Goslee, an intuitive artist whose paintings seek to part the curtain that, according to Kabbalah, separates the physical world from the spiritual. The work raises the questions: How do we store information, emotional baggage, and awareness? What do we absorb and what do we filter out? What layers need to be removed, or rearranged, in order to achieve change?

The most obvious unifying element in Goslee’s mixed media work is pattern: layers of color and form operate as a visual metaphor for layers of awareness. The results achieved often depict isolated moments, visualizations of energetic states rather than representations of the physical world. The work in “Flow” is, to a large degree, about not knowing. Goslee elicits the intellectual courage required to face questions not easily answered. These inquiries straddle the line between belief and science, question the nature of existence, and ultimately tap into what Jung called the “collective unconscious.” There is a freedom in the unknown which comes through intuition, and you might find that the separation between the physical and the spiritual, the personal and the universal, dissolve into a freely flowing energy.