Mythical Scenographies, curated by Alfredo Torres,
April 9 – May 9, 2010

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Gustavo Genta, Suspended Universe, tied metal, 2009

Mythical Scenographies

Work from Salamandra Studios
Curated by Alfredo Torres

April 9 – May 9, 2010

Opening Reception: April 9, 7-9pm
Artists Talk: April 11, 5pm

Mythical Scenographies brings together work by Uruguyan artists Lizzy Magariños, Gustavo Genta, Rogelio Osorio and Roberto Piriz. While producing work in vastly different styles and mediums, these four artists have found inspiration, friendship and a shared vision of creativity through Salamandra Studios, their shared space in Montevideo, Uruguay. This exhibition of their work highlights the distinctive style and practice of each individual artist, while emphasizing the importance of sets, series and seriality in the group’s otherwise divergent artistic practices.


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