Press Play Hump Days,
April 20, 2016

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Press Play Hump Days

April 20, 2016
Pre­sale: $10 General/ $8 DCAC Members
Door: $12 General/$10 DCAC Members

Press Play hosts and produces a monthly show featuring some of the best comedy, music, and storytelling acts in the area!

Press Play was founded in 2010 and, not to brag or anything, has yet to have a show with any form of flatulence-­based humor. Seriously. This is not a joke. We keep track. Press Play has performed at venues across the country such as the iO West Festival, Steel Stacks, and the Del Close Marathon. We also perform regularly at improv theaters around DC, and once at a birthday party. The birthday boy threw cake.

Dudes on Dudes:
Dudes on Dudes (DoD) is an independent long­form improv troupe from Washington, DC. featuring: Ahmed Amonette, John Beck, Nicholas Boros, Charles Bowles, Anthony Cusumano, Phil Greene, Keegan Hines, and David Richman; coached by Xavier Padin. Members of the group met during their Harold class at Washington Improv Theater and have since worked together to master the Harold format and take over the comedy scene in DC. Members of DoD have also trained at DC Improv Comedy School, The Unified Scene Theater, Dojo Comedy and The Second City in Chicago.

Cake Bagel:
Cake Bagel is as whimsical as pink icing and as savory as smoked salmon. Or at least that’s what they tell themselves to justify their pre­-show carbo­-loading. Formed in 2012, the troupe has logged several years’ worth of shows around the Washington, D.C. area, including featured appearances at Washington Improv Theater’s Seasonal Disorder, Harold Night and road shows. Cake Bagel has also brought its glutenous goodness to the Del Close Marathon, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Baltimore Improv Festival, District Improv Festival and Chicago Improv Festival. Bold, character­-driven and super-­fun, a Cake Bagel show is like having your cake…and eating a bagel, too. Cake Bagel is Sophia Cai, Tim Hunt, Jordana Mishory, Richie Pepio and Julia Rocchi. The team is coached by Jonathan Murphy.

Jon Watkins and Porter Ryan:
2/3rds of The Bloody Onions, Porter Ryan and Jon Watkins join us tonight in the hopes of rocking our collective socks off with their musical stylings, ranging from blues to Irish to folk. Porter comes to us from the Palisades of DC, while Jon inhabits the sleepy borough of Kensington, MD.