Chinese Menu: Luke Null season 43 of SNL
October 28, 2018

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Chinese Menu March

October 28, 2018
Sunday at 10pm
$10 General / $8 Pre-Sale & Members

For those of you that don’t know, Chinese Menu Comedy put on a rock star mash up improv show for about 10 years. The show was a great outlet for old school players unable to commit to the grind of the improv style dues to geography or kids. We also enjoyed folding in newer players on the scene and giving hundreds of people in the community a chance to get together and play. Sometimes with some of the biggest out of town names in improv. We stopped our monthly show in the spring but we left the door open for “big deal or special occasion” shows. We think this one qualifies.
Luke Null (Saturday Night Live season 43 cast member and Chicago improviser) is in town and jumping on the Menu. Some great people are coming out to play with him.
The (tentative) cast includes:

– Luke Null (IO alum and season 43 cast member of SNL. loves the Bengals. from Cincinnati. great eyes.

– Denny Johnson (nice. pure joy. except when he’s not. Menu hall of Famer, Commonwealth alum, currently killing it with To Be Frank)

– Katie Carson Phillips (161 Alum, 1/3 of the all time great team, that person that we wish were available more. Biscuitville, pure joy. on our Mount Rushmore of DC improvisers)

– Jules Duffy (Chicago trained. Commonwealth alum. one of the smartest players around. so damn nice. until you’re a jerk)

– Donna Steele (RVA alum. plays with everyone. coaches everyone, takes great photos. very nice but will not hesitate to have a hard chat with you. sneaky young)

– Mikael Johnson (gadfly. one of the best teachers ever. Menu Hall Of Famer. honest to a fault. great dad. curious facial hair)

– Colin Murchie (161 Alum, “nobody has more vocabulary instantly available”- Shawn Westfall. intimidatingly smart. ju-jitsu devotee. elaborate scene painter. Also sneaky young.

– Justine Hipsky (Part of the Hellcat mob. educator. woke AF. cool pets. intimidatingly cool boyfriend.)

– Dan Milliken (IMusical mainstay, great coach, extraordinary server, looks bad in drag but is handsome AF

– Dots Thomas (plays with GUS, super handsome, loves BBQ, Naval officer, smarter than most.

– Pete Bergen- (whatever)

We have some invites out and will report back with a ticket link once the cast is filled out!
Until then plan on staying up a little later on the 28th!

Tickets available here.