March 4 ­- March 28

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By Leonard Nimoy , Directed by B. Stanley and Theatre Du Jour, Performed by B. Stanley

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 pm

$20, $15 for DCAC membersFor Reservations: Call DCAC at 202­462­7833

One of the most beloved artists of the past century, it is largely forgotten that van Gogh’s legacy was notalways that of an artistic genius. In the one­man play “Vincent”, Theo van Gogh revisits the turbulent life ofhis brother, offering insight into the world of the tormented artist. Set in Paris 1890, only a week after hisbrother’s dramatic death, Theo appeals to an audience of van Gogh’s contemporaries who have written thepainter off as an insane fool. The result is a moving effort to rescue his brother’s legacy, transforming himfrom a madman into a beloved brother and misunderstood talent.

Based on the play “Van Gogh” by Phillip Stevens, Leonard Nimoy wrote “Vincent” using the hundreds ofletters Theo and Vincent exchanged during their lives. B. Stanley, as Theo, recreates the world of themisunderstood genius in a poignant and intimate meditation on the life of the gifted painter. The show offersan evening of laughter, tears and insight into van Gogh’s passion and suffering, while considering themeaning of art and artistry in a world where success is judged in terms of sales, by which measure vanGogh fell short during his lifetime.