Chinese Menu Workshop 67
October 5, 2019

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Chinese Menu October (2019)

October 5, 2019 at 10PM

This was once a monthly all star mash up that sold out for 10 years! Now it only pops up when special occasions like when some improv royalty comes to town!
The amazing Susan Glynn is coming to town and we are puting some rock stars around her. Susan is the 4th member of the killer Chicago team, Shebeast to work with Chinese Menu.
Just like Ryan Asher, Katie Kershaw and Mary Catherine Curran, she is pure joy!

If you have been, you know.
If you haven’t, you’re in for something special.
A who’s who from WIT and beyond
Come and check out who is on the Menu!

– Eva Lewis, Jo Scott, Colin Murchie Donna Steele, Rachel Showalter, Mikael Johnson, Jonathan Murphy, Jamal Newman, Dan Miller, Susan Glynn, and Patrick Gantz, Pete Bergen

(Cast subject to change)


Tickets sold here.