District Queer Comedy Festival,
November 15 – 16, 2019

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Comedic Pursuits and LGBTQ AF Presents: Distrtict Queer Comedy Festival.

November 15 & 16, 2019 at 7PM

The District Queer Comedy Festival is the first LGBTQ comedy festival in Washington, DC. The inaugural Festival features some of the best LGBTQ performers from DC, MD, VA, PA, NJ, and NY for two nights of shows. In addition to shows, the District Queer Comedy Festival has workshops and an open mic Comedy & Coffee show benefiting an LGBTQ charity. For further information, visit comedicpursuits.com/events/district-queer-comedy-festival.

Tickets November 15th show are available here. Line-up features: Kevin McLain, Christopher Hook, Joyce Rebar, Laura Delhomme, Shawn Fisher, Rachel Antomattei, Shawn Banks, Maddox Pennington, & The Plumbers

Tickets November 16th show are available here. Line-up features: Alejandro Morales, Michae Furr, Samantha Nokes, Elizabeth Norman, Ross Weisman, Ian Insect, & Ryan

*Line-up subject to change*

About the Performers

Kevin McLain
Inspired by topical late night hosts and scathing insult comics, Kevin occupies a unique space in the DC comedy scene. A former-Republican-turned-practically-Communist potty-mouth, he has won crowds over with his hilarious allusions and references to gender, race, sexuality, class, and politics. He has described his style of comedy as “Imagine Trevor Noah…but as a big gay slut.”

Christopher Hook
Chris Hook is a DC based comedian originally from Kentucky who finds humor in daily life. Forever a joiner, you can find him at his office book club, condo association, running club, alumni association chapter, or employee engagement groups whenever he’s not glued to his couch watching television and wondering why he isn’t training for a marathon.

Joyce Rebar
Joyce Rebar has been entertaining audiences in the DMV area for over 12 years. She has been accepted into many of the World Series of Comedy national competitions, and she also has performed in many of the Gaylarious shows that were held at the old Riot Act theater in DC. Her original stand-up training was at the DC Improv, and she has returned to the DC Improv Lounge for many shows. In addition, she has opened for Mimi Gonzalez and Jennie McNulty, in shows at Women’s Week in Provincetown, MA; and she has organized informal shows on Olivia (lesbian) cruises, in which she has entertained many a lesbian traveler.

Laura Delhomme
Laura Delhomme explores being single and bi, when’s the best time to get a 3rd cat, and when to break her parents’ hearts with news of of all 3.

Shawn Fisher
Shawn is a multi-ethnic, disabled, queer senior citizen, and has the AARP card to prove it!

Rachel Antomattei
Rachel is a rising talent who performs storytelling and observational humor.

Shawn Banks
Shawn is an interactive storyteller, who dives into pop-culture and current events from the POV of a black, gay young man.

Maddox Pennington
MK Pennington is a nonbinary queer writer and comedian, and the author of A Girl Walks Into a Book: What the Brontes Taught Me About Life, Love, and Women’s Work. They have performed all over the DMV including the Charm City Comedy Festival, DCAC, DC Drafthouse, DC Comedy Loft, Busboys and Poets, and many of DC’s finest dive bars.

The Plumbers
We fix toilets. Need we say more?

Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales is a founding member of stand-up collective Laughs On Philly, producer and co-host of the food-themed rap battle game show Eat Your Beats, creator and star of the web series Sadulous, spanish-language improvisor with Que Comedy, and comedian about town, performing at independent showcases as well as comedy establishments like Helium Comedy Club, Punch Line Philly, and Good Good Comedy Theatre. He is the 19th funniest comedian in Philadelphia.

Michael Furr
Michael Furr is Baltimore’s “Sweetheart of Comedy.” A comedian, producer, director and writer, Michael uses his narrative voice and conversational tone to put audiences at ease while leaving them in stitches. His hit stand up comedy special, “Straight Acting,” is delighting audiences across the world on Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and anywhere else that comedy is streamed.

Samantha Nokes
Sammie James is a comedian and story teller from New Jersey; where she hosts and produces The LGBT showcase Queerly Comedic. Sammie also hosts the podcast All Of My Friends Are Animals and The NYC Trans Variety show We Are Trans. She performs all over the east coast; including past appearances at Cinder Block Comedy Festival, Charm City Comedy Festival and Bechdal Test Fest; and she is soon to be your favorite disabled, nerdy, butch trans woman in comedy.

Elizabeth Norman
Native to Baltimore, Elizabeth Norman is a comedian, educator and very polite young lady. When she isn’t explaining mummies to children or teaching art classes, she entertains audiences all over Maryland and DC (and sometimes even Pennsylvania and Virginia!) either alone as a stand-up or with her sketch comedy group, Nightmares on ELM Street. As quick-witted as she is silly, Elizabeth is a delightful mix of proper, playful and absurd, with just a hint of an edge. She’s all the fun of your favorite redhead female cartoon protagonist, with a little extra depth!

Ross Weisman
Comedian and podcaster Ross Weisman has a neurotic mind. He has performed in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and once in a skeevy London bar (no one could understand his lack of an accent). His comedy style combines stories from his childhood and his modern-day failings to be a cool, well-rounded gay man

Ian Insect
America’s foremost cryptocomedian takes you on a deep dive through his shallow thoughts. Shifting between obsessive wordplay and physical comedy, between the surreal and the dialectic, Presenting a witty, sharp take on mundane notions, Ian’s act treads clumsily through self-examination and social awareness stopping just short of navel gazing. Most of the time.

Ryan is an improv duo who cordially invites you to brunch. Be careful: the tee is hot, and it will be spilled.