Once Upon a Journey

Once Upon a Journey


January 17th – February 16th, 2020

Opening Reception: Friday, January 17th, 7pm-9pm
Closing Reception/Artist Talk: Sunday, February 16th, 5pm-7pm

Featured Artists: Roya Ansarian, Sarah Barzmehri, Parisa Faghih,
Rosa Fakhrai, Mitra Lore, Guita Vafai and Sohayla Vafai

Curated By Nancy Nesvet

This visual arts group show by Iranian women features photography, mixed
media, drawing and sculpture. Iran is a millenia-old nation made up of
many cultures and multiple stories. Those cultures and those stories have
been transported with women who brought their roots to this country, to
remember those cultures, patterns and surroundings and recreate them
in their art.

“Poems by Rumi” Mixed Media on canvas. 49”x 52”