Bella Maniera
Trisha Kyner & Osvaldo Mesa
January 14, 2022 – February 20, 2022

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Bella Maniera

Trisha Kyner and Osvaldo Mesa

January 14th – February 20th, 2022

Opening Reception: Friday January 14th, 7 – 9pm
Artist Talk: Sunday February 20th, 6 – 7pm

Maniera or Mannerism is the Art Historical term for a type of art that emerged in the late Renaissance.  Characteristics of Mannerist painting and sculpture include a privileging of style over naturalism and an artistic predilection for complex compositions and figurative invention.

The contemporary painter Osvaldo Mesa and sculptor Trisha Kyner share an interest in exploring art historical styles and have a particular fondness for Mannerism.

Osvaldo Mesa’s paintings combine imagery and abstract pattern in creative juxtapositions.  They often contain African and European elements that reflect the complexity of his Afro-Cuban heritage.  Within one composition, there may be several paintings or visual windows.

Trisha Kyner’s ceramic sculptures frequently borrow poses or color palettes from art history. She combines these with a feminist sensibility as she explores issues of agency, control and vulnerability.  She delights in figurative distortion and expression.

Mesa’s paintings may reference Baroque decorative patterns or the marks of Abstract Expressionism. Kyner’s  may nod to Kamakura era Japanese sculpture or Dutch genre painting.  Whatever the stylistic borrowings, both artists invest their work with sensuality and emotion. Their use of style is not distant or ironic, but rich in color and drama. Maniera is less artifice than authenticity.  Through style, both find a way to express lived contradictions.