Julian Rumos
Curated by Joette James
May 27 – June 26, 2022

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DC Arts Center is proud to present emerging artist: Julian Rumos in debut Exhibition


Curated by Joette James, M.A.

MAY 27 – JUNE 26, 2022

Opening Reception: Friday, May 27, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Artist Talk: Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 3:00 PM
Closing Reception: Sunday, June 26, 2022 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

DC Arts Center, located in the heart of Adams Morgan, is proud to introduce emerging artist Julian Rumos with the opening of her debut solo show, Hyper-Focus. Hyper-Focus also marks the debut of curator and DC Arts Center Board Member Joette James. Featuring an array of acrylics on canvas, Hyper-Focus is at its heart a visual story exploring identity. “I believe that everybody has a history that can be told through their physical presentation,” said artist Julian Rumos. “Early portraits of family and friends reflected long personal histories I had with the subjects; newer works push me to produce snapshots of a stranger’s personhood. I challenge myself to use a consistent color palette to connect the visual stories of different people.”

“Julian’s work is powerful, visually compelling, and immediate,” said new Executive Director, Sean Elias. “Exploring identity in America at a time when identity and geography determine survival is an exploration of great weight and magnitude. Julian Rumos ably brings this exploration to the canvas and allows us to enter into a dialogue without the limits of the English language.”

Julian Rumos continues, “As I shape the person on my canvas, I make it a goal to keep as many sketch lines as possible, so the piece’s development is visible in the final result. I believe that doing so speaks to the personal history I have with each work I make. My process for painting portraits parallels that of clay sculpting; the form becomes more detailed and refined through the passage of time. I use guiding lines with a pen to analyze and shape the composition. These marks also allow me to show the viewer the underlying structure of each portrait. Further, I feel that revealing the molding process in portraits provides an opportunity to reflect on the emotional, behavioral, and social shaping we all undergo throughout life, both conscious and unconscious. Each of my models has been defined by a complex and unique history. The experiences that make up their personhood are as dynamic and numerous as the strokes used to capture them.”

“Within Rumos’s work, whether it is someone well known to her or a stranger, we recover both the individual as well as clues to the generations who have gone before,” said curator Joette James. “How do we truly know another person? Despite the individualized and nuanced nature of humanity and the layers of bio-psycho-social experiences that shape us, in our fast-paced and tech-driven world, it is easy to lose sight of the complexity. In Hyper-Focus, painter Julian Rumos gives us a glimpse of that depth.”