How can I support DCAC?
In so many ways! 1st and foremost, stop by and see us!
2. Become a member
3. Donate (<- this link will take you to our Paypal portal; but we welcome donations in person too!)
4. Attend our events
5. Volunteer your time
6. Show your work in our theater or galleries


When can I come by DCAC?
Wednesdays-Sundays, 2-7 pm. We also keep the gallery open later during exhibition openings and when we have performances in the theater, of which information you can find on our homepage calendar.


How much does it cost?
Our galleries are free and open to the public. However, we appreciate donations! Theater performance ticket prices are determined by the performer and cost is advertised with their performance. We are CASH ONLY and offer discounted theater tickets to our members.


Are there tickets available for the performance?
Tickets for theater performances are usually through the performance group and DCAC will not know the number of remaining tickets until the artist arrives for their performance, generally 1.5 hours before curatin. Most groups offer tickets online and will typically set a deadline for online sales the day of or day before the performance. If the performance is by reservation at DCAC, we WILL be able to tell you if there are tickets available until the performance begins.


How do I show my art at DCAC?
We accept submissions to our galleries and proposals to our theater separately. Visual artists can participate in our annual 1460 Wallmountables exhibition every summer, and everyone is encouraged to subscribe to our newsletter for updates in calls and submissions.


Can I have my event in your space?
Yes! Well, maybe. If your event something that is meant for an audience, then you should submit a performance proposal form to our theater. If your event is a pop up, workshop, or party, please email and we will be able to work with you to determine if we are the right space for you.


How do I audition?
We love to bring theater groups to DCAC, so we currently do not have a resident company. If you’re looking to perform in our space you can bring your own company and submit a performance proposal form, or audition for some of the awesome theater groups who rent our space!


Can I have a rehearsal?


Can I have a book signing?


Can I show a video?


How do I volunteer?


Do you have an internship program?


How can I serve on the Board of Directors?


Is there parking?