November 14, 2020 – January 10, 2021
***Extended to February 7th***


November 14, 2020 – February 7th, 2021 ***Due to us closing our doors for a few weeks during the holidays, we will be extending the show until February 7th***

Digital Reception: December 10, 2020 on Zoom
Time: 6pm-8pm

Curated by Fabiola R. Delgado

Sparkplug Collective Artists: Tom Greaves, Sarah J. Hull, Shana Kohnstamm, Alanna Reeves, Azadeh Sahraeian, Elizabeth Sampson, Alexandra Silverthorne, Sarah Stefana Smith, Madeline A. Stratton, Steve Wanna


States of Being presents multidisciplinary artworks, including painting, sculpture, print, photography and site-specific installation, that reinterpret sociological concepts and discuss the nature of unpredictability, our response to ambiguity, and the profound impact of an under-defined and fluid state of life.

Sparkplug is DCAC’s artists collective. Launched in 2007, Sparkplug is a two-year program that offers members a place to meet, helps to organize studio visits, provides opportunities to hone presentation skills, and make connections with arts professionals such as curators, collectors, and established artists. In addition, DCAC organizes two curated Sparkplug exhibitions: one each year.

Fabiola (or just Fa) is a Venezuelan Human Rights Lawyer turned Arts and Culture Strategist. A social justice activist since childhood, she became the youngest Amnesty International Regional Manager, installing the first chapter of the organization in her state of Carabobo at age 19.

Her political activism in Venezuela proved too dangerous, which forced her to seek Political Asylum in the United States, where she dedicates herself to finding justice through artistic and cultural expressions.

Click below to watch the complete online artist talk:




Nano Gallery: A Native Son,
small works by Gary Honig
October 10 – December 10, 2020

A Native Son
work by Gary Honig

October 10 – December 10, 2020
virtual reception with the artist: TBD


“A Native Son” is a collection of new works highlighting Honig’s delicate sensibilities as a painter.

These active paintings use a deconstructed method, blurring and breaking down imagery on multiple levels. Honig is process-driven and invested in the act of painting. From right to left, the role of the artist steps far back, influenced by the expanding microcosm of activity and color. They then move to cut and shifted works, gaining a new control again of the image at arm’s length. Ultimately, torn and reassembled paintings focus on organic yet geometric color segments, as if the artist were very close and involved.

These small works are deeply emotive and personal. Like society at large, our understanding of events and concepts begins on a global level. As an individual considers events, connections shift and the focus changes to become something to work on. The picture has even, balanced parts. And then, as personal connections begin from small pieces, they are not always weighted the same. These collaged pieces of different sizes become something we work and add to, to create a new whole.

The paintings progress and grab inspiration from Richard Wright’s novel, “Native Son.” He claimed the title as a double comment on what it means to be fully from a place. By using lines from the novel for his titles, Honig found similarities between legal justice of the 1940’s and many points made today with Black Lives Matter.

Honig is a DC native, and his work is deeply inspired by music and the connections between people.


“Vast White Looming Walls” (detail), 2020, acrylic on paper, 8″ x 6″


1460 Wallmountables,
August 8th – October 18th, 2020

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1460 Wallmountables 2020

August 8 – October 18, 2020

Virtual Reception: Thursday, September 3, 7pm
prize winners announced,

Join our director B. Stanley for an online reception, a virtual tour of the gallery and the announcement of three $100 prizes.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 915 3474 9808
Passcode: 2020

Or Click Here

Appointment to visit gallery: Click here


We’re back and we could not think of a better show to end the summer with than our annual all inclusive group show.

This DCAC tradition reflects our core commitment to supporting and showing under-represented artists. At 1460 Wallmountables, we present over three hundred artworks on practically every inch of our gallery. We divide the gallery walls into two foot by two foot squares, in which everyone and anyone can hang their artwork on a first-come basis. There will be work by children, students, self-taught artists, emerging, mid, and late career artists alike.

Since 1989, thousands of artists have participated in this show, including Richard Seigman, JoAnne Kent, Michael Booker, Chris Combs, Pat Goslee, Megan Maher, Karen Joan Topping, and Charlie Visconage to name just a few. The inclusive nature of 1460 Wallmountables makes it one of the most diverse exhibitions in Washington and it stays up all summer long, so participating artists can enjoy a substantial amount of exposure.

Artists can purchase up to five 2′ x 2′ spaces to hang their artwork. Spaces sell on a first-come, first-served basis for $15 per square. Current DCAC members receive one free space and brand new members receive 3 spaces for their membership fee of $30.

Installation and gallery visits by appointment only. Artists are responsible for hanging their own work. Don’t forget to bring hanging materials! Work is accepted from a wide range of media created by artists at various stages in their careers. There is no curating; if it fits, it shows.

This year gallery attendees will vote for artists who made the most innovative use of the limited space. There will be 3 winners who will each receive a $100 “Best Use of Space” prize which is presented during the online reception.







***From The Archives***
BADC Presents: Emancipation: Meditations on Freedom
November 22, 2013 – January 5, 2014

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***From The Archives***

Black Artists of DC Presents:
Emancipation: Meditations on Freedom

Curated by Esther Iverem

November 22, 2013 – January 5, 2014

Opening Reception: November 22, 7-9 PM
Closing Reception: January 5, 2014, 2‐ 5pm

Daniel T. Brookings, Suzanne Broughel, Hebron Chism, Jenai Asemoa Davis, Carolyn Goodridge, Esther Iverem, Hubert Jackson, Jacqueline Lee, Elizabeth Sturges Llerena, Magruder Murray, Kisasi Ramsess, Gail Shaw-Clemons, Russell Simmons, Sidney Thomas, Eugene Vango, Curtis Woody.

Exhibition Jurors: Akili Ron Anderson, artist and educator and Alec Simpson, artist.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation in the United States. Though the proclamation—which freed millions of African descendants from bondage—is the starting point, this show will also explore various aspects of emancipation, from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to the social, economic and political realms as well. What does emancipation or freedom mean in the year 2013 compared to the year 1863,or throughout the millennia of human history? What is the meaning of freedom for different populations on the globe, or how has emancipation impacted relationships between different populations? How has technology altered our ideas about freedom? What does it mean to be free?


***Click on photos to enlarge***





Dark Days: A Night of Dramatic Improv
February 28th & 29th, March 6th & 7th

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Dark Days: A Night Of Dramatic Improv

February 28th & 29th at 7:30pm

March 6th &7th at 10 pm

Door: $15 General / $12 DCAC Members

Purchase Tickets Here

One ticket, two dramatic improv shows directed by Joe Randazzo, creator of the Capital Fringe Festival hit The Heist.


The Cabin Affair
Six friends. Twelve months. So many secrets.

Geoff Corey
Michael Hendrix
Justine Hipsky
Jasmine Jiang
Jonathan Murphy
Katie Rush
Isabelle Solomon
Assistant Directors: Lauren Woody

A murder interrogation. But can you believe what you hear?

Clarissa Zies
Jane White
Alex Kazanas
Darnell Eaton
Nina Hsu
Joe Randazzo
Assistant Director: Andy Weld

Run time is approximately 1.5 hours with a brief intermission.

Please be advised that this show contains dramatized violence with adult content, situations, and language.


Saturday, March 7th

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Saturday, March 7th at 7:30pm

Tickets are sold at the door: $8 General / $6 DCAC Members

LAZY/PROV is an improvisational comedy group featuring DC local Kabeer Parwani, and NYC favorite Sam Fox-Hartin.  LAZY/PROV believes improv rules are meant to be broken – not in like an aggressive, rebellious way, but like the way where you try to work the remote with your foot because you’re too comfortable to get up.  We’ll be joined by some other DC-based comedians to bring you a side-splitting, rib-tickling, noun-adjectiving, comedy show – completely improvised on the spot!  .

How To Elope In The Most Expensive Way Possible
March 6th & 7th, 13th & 14th (POSTPONED)

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How To Elope In The Most Expensive Way Possible

On the day of their big wedding in front of all their loved ones, Katie and Chris suddenly realize: They hate all of their loved ones. At the last second, they bail out of the church and begin an elopement road trip to Atlantic City with the only friends they have left: a not-so-lovable nerd and a fabulously queer agent of chaos. Starring Kate McGowan, Keegan Patterson, Marty Bernier and Brock Switzer, How To Elope In The Most Expensive Way Possible is the proudly weird cousin of Netflix rom-coms

Saturday, March 6th at 7:30pm

Sunday, March 7th at 3pm

Saturday, March 13th at 7:30pm  POSTPONED

Saturday, March 14th at 3pm & 7:30pm   POSTPONED

Tickets: $15 General / $12 DCAC Members         Purchase Tickets Here


In Your Ear
March 15, 2020 (POSTPONED)

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In Your Ear Reading Series

Sunday, March 15th at 3pm  POSTPONED

Poets: Jenn DePalma, Olatunde Osinaike
Fiction: Aleyna Rentz

$5 at the door // free to DCAC members // hangout at Songbyrd after the reading


Cogent Theater Collective Presents:
March 20th – March 29th

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Cogent Theater Collective Presents: Closer  written by Patrick Marber

Directed by David Dieudonne
Produced by Diego Maramba

March 20th – March 29th  POSTPONED

Tickets: $25 General / $20 DCAC Members

Purchase Tickets Here


Four lives intertwine over the course of four and a half years in this densely plotted, stinging look at modern love and betrayal. Love and sex are like politics: it’s not what you say that matters, still less what you mean, but what you do.



Friday, April 3rd

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Fri, April 3, 2020

7:30 PM – 9:00 PM. POSTPONED

Wonderbolt! is a fast-paced, interactive comedy show. Starring some of DC’s best improvisers and helmed by UCB and Boom Chicago veteran Josh Rachford, Wonderbolt! will zap you with delight.

Door: $20 General / $16 DCAC Members

Purchase Tickets Here




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Saturday, April 4th at 7:30pm.  POSTPONED

Door: $13 General / $10.50 DCAC Members

Purchase Tickets Here

Hosted and produced by Ryan McClure, LGBTQ AF is a live comedy show featuring the best stand-up, storytelling, sketch, and improv performers in the DMV who are LGBTQ. It is the only live comedy show in the District with an all LGBTQ line-up. LGBTQ AF has been featured on WETA, a PBS member television station, as a part of Pride Month 2019 programming.

The line-up for the April LGBTQ AF show features:

Barbara Cook (stand-up comedy)
Carlic Huynh (stand-up comedy)
Mariah Barber (stand-up comedy)
Oona MacDougall (musical comedy)
Beverly “Miss Chocolate” White (stand-up comedy)
The Bechdelprov Project (improv comedy)

LGBTQ AF believes that its performers’ experience, creativity, and labor is worth compensation. Accordingly, LGBTQ AF shares the profit from each show with its performers. It is one of the few live comedy shows in the District that pays each performer. Therefore, each ticket sale directly benefits queer comedy and queer artists.

The Performers

Beverly “Miss Chocolate” White

Beverly “Miss Chocolate” White has been a comedian all her life. Making people laugh at themselves makes her laugh her head off. She has wanted to be a comedian for as long as she can remember, but didnt want to go against her parents wishes and “make a fool of yourself.” When she got older and they were no longer here to tell her what to do, she said, “what the heck, I’m going to make people laugh before they start laughing at me.” She knew this is what God wanted her to do – to make His people laugh.

Since then she has performed up and down the east coast; from DC to New York, from Baltimore to Philly, and from Atlanta to Memphis. She has been invited to speak at numerous motivational conferences concerning self-esteem in young people and her greatest passions – speaking on Women’s Heart Health, LBGTQ Advocacy, and Domestic Violence Awareness. With her comedy shows, she has raised money for various causes such as HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and the Angel Tree Project- a non-profit organization for children whose parents are incarcerated. Her philosophy on life is: “it’s just comedy – life is hard enough.”

Oona MacDougall

Oona MacDougall is a comedian and artist that combines her musical inclinations with narrative to over-analyze herself, and the world around her, but in a fun, self-effacing way! Instagram: @bigfootbjorge

Mariah Barber

Mariah Barber is a queer, disabled black poet hailing from the South. She is a public health professional, podcaster, blogger, teaching artist, and founder of Beyond Your Definition, LLC, a cultural competency consulting firm focused on training about unheard voices through spoken word poetry. She has performed across the country and was the inaugural college unions poetry haiku slam champion. Mariah has a passion for activism and working with youth – catch her hosting at Busboys and Poet’s college night. Instagram: @beyondyourdefinition

The Bechdelprov Project

The Bechdelprov Project is an improv team of queer women who believe “the future is female.”




Washington Improv Theater: Road Show
January 2 – February 2, 2020

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Washington Improv Theater: Road Show

January 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, & 31, 2020; February 1 & 2, 2020

DCAC Members: $15; Non-DCAC Members: $18

One intimate stage—limitless possibilities. WIT runs wild at DC Arts Center all January long. WIT’s latest engagement at DC Arts Centers finds our company ensembles performing alongside our featured ensembles and special guests. The line-up changes every night and no performance is ever the same.

General information:

–Line-ups vary nightly. Please verify the performing acts on your individual curtain times.
–For all shows, unclaimed tickets may be resold at curtain time. Late arrivals will be seated at WIT’s discretion.
–DCAC Members: Please call DCAC for the member code at (202) 462-7833.

Tickets are available here.

Chinese Menu Presents: Home For The Holidays!
December 22, 2019

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Chinese Menu Presents: Home For The Holidays!

December 22, 2019

Hosted by Sofia Javed

Once again it is time for this annual fun fest. DC’s best mix it up on stage with some very fun ex pats that are in town for the winter holidays. If you are unfamiliar with what Menu shows are all about, all you need to know is that it was monthly party on stage that sold out for about ten years and now it happens for special occasions. The people that appear in Menu shows are some of the most fun you will see anywhere. They are quality players and quality people that know that the first thing that makes a comedy show is that it should be funny. You’ll notice that ageism is not a thing in our shows. Haha.

The cast is still coming together but here some early commits:

Shawn Westfall, Jordan Hirsch, Amanda Hirsch, Erica Geiser, Kathy Westfall, Mikael Johnson, Sean Murphy, Dave Johnson, Colin Murchie, Pete Bergen, Topher Bellavia, & Paul Hitlin (Cast subject to change)

Tickets are available here.


Disarming Humor: An Evening of Comedy and Music For Peace,
December 12, 2019

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Disarming Humor: An Evening of Comedy and Music For Peace

December 12, 2019

DCAC Members: $8 / General Tickets: $10

This evening will be the first in a series of performances by activists, advocates, and analysts working on peace and security issues who are also talented comedians, musicians, storytellers, improv performers, and more.

Performers will include Bill Hartung of the Center for International Policy, a progressive foreign policy think tank based in Washington, DC; Tristan Guyette of Beyond the Bomb, which does grassroots lobbying designed to end the threat posed by nuclear weapons; and Hassan El-Tayyab, the lead lobbyist on Mideast issues for the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

The evening will provide opportunities for audience participation, in surprising ways!

Tickets are available here.

In Your Ear,
December 8, 2019

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In Your Ear

December 8, 2019 at 3:00PM

$5 at the Door/Free to DCAC Members
Hang out at Songbyrd afterwards!

Sabrina Islam is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She spent her early childhood in New York, Connecticut, and Florida. She holds an M.F.A. in creative writing from University of Maryland, where she teaches academic and creative writing. Her work can be found in FlockActa Victoriana, Prairie Schooner, and the minnesota review.

Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes is the author of The Sleeping World (Touchstone, 2016). She has received fellowships from Yaddo, Hedgebrook, the Millay Colony, and the Blue Mountain Center. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in One Story, The New England Review, The Common, Cosmonauts Avenue, Slice, Pank, and elsewhere. She is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and English at the University of Maryland. She grew up in a Cuban-Irish-American family in Wisconsin.

Lucian Mattison is a US-Argentine poet and translator and author of two books of poetry, Reaper’s Milonga (YesYes Books, 2018) and Peregrine Nation (Dynamo Verlag, 2017). He has won the Puerto Del Sol Poetry Prize and his poetry, short fiction, and translations appear in numerous journals including CutBank, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Hobart, Juked, Nano Fiction, The Nashville Review, The Offing, Sixth Finch, and Third Coast. He is based out of Washington, DC. Read more at

Opening The Circle: Works in Progress,
December 5, 2019

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RiverShe Collective Presents Opening The Circle: Works in Progress

December 5, 2019 at 7:30-9:30PM
Tickets: $10 General Admission/$8 for DCAC Members

Join RiverShe Collective for an evening of interdisciplinary works-in-progress from the Fall 2019 RiverShe Creative Practice Circle! Participating artists include: Ayesha Ali, Richael Faithful, Les Henderson, Chelsea Iorlano, Cath Kane, Nicole Oxendine, and Amy Vitro. Over the past nine weeks, these artists have come together once a week to share inspiration & support, receive feedback on individual works-in-progress, and experiment with collaborative creation & performance.


Tickets are available here and will also be available at the door.

The Near Misses Presents: An Experimental Electropop Opera
January 5, 2020

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The Near Misses Presents: An Experimental Electropop Opera

Saturday, January 5th at 3pm

General public $18; DCAC Members: $15

The Near Misses is a 4-woman electropop band & experimental opera based on true near death stories the artists have collected. The band incorporates synth/keytar, cello, violin, and accordion, with percussion coming from set pieces: an oven, a ladder, a pile of leaves, and keys. The show also integrates dance and movement, first person survivor recordings, and video projections.

Tickets are available here.

In Your Ear,
November 17, 2019

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In Your Ear

November 17, 2019 at 3:00PM
$5 at the Door/Free to DCAC Members
Hang out at Songbyrd afterwards!

Sandra Beasley is the author of Count the Waves; I Was the Jukebox, winner of the Barnard Women Poets Prize; Theories of Falling, winner of the New Issues Poetry Prize; and Don’t Kill the Birthday Girl: Tales from an Allergic Life, a memoir about living with disability. She also edited Vinegar and Char: Verse from the Southern Foodways Alliance. She lives in Washington, D.C., and teaches with the University of Tampa low-residency MFA program.
Cecily Iddings is the author of Everyone Here (Octopus Books, 2014) and a chapbook, Is To: As: Is To (Spooky Girlfriend, 2015). After living and teaching in Brooklyn for a decade, she moved to Baltimore in 2018.
A Washington, D.C. native who has lived and worked in the Philadelphia area for the last thirty years, Andrew Mossin has published poetry, creative non-fiction and critical essays in numerous journals and literary magazines, including Conjunctions, Hambone, Jacket, Talisman, Callaloo, Contemporary Literature, New Ohio Review, and others. He is the author of five collections of poetry: The Epochal Body (Singing Horse Press), The Veil (Singing Horse Press), Exile’s Recital (Spuyten Duyvil), Torture Papers (Spuyten Duyvil), and Stanzas for the Preparation of Perception (Spuyten Duyvil). He is an Associate Professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he teaches in the Intellectual Heritage Program.

David Need has been a university lecturer in Asian Religions in Durham, NC for twenty years. Book publications include two volumes of essays and translations on Rilke — Rainer Maria Rilke, Roses: The Late French Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, David Need, translations and essay, Horse and Buggy Press, 2014, and Rainer Maria Rilke, Notebooks and Personal Papers, David Need, translations and essays, Shearsman, 2018 — and one volume of his own poetry, Offshore St, Mark / Songs in-Between the Day: Two Suites, Three Count Pour, 2015. His poetry and critical writings have appeared in Hambone, Talisman, Golden Handcuffs Review, Lana Turner Review, Heavy Feathers Review, Spoke, Oyster Boy and Minor American.

District Queer Comedy Festival,
November 15 – 16, 2019

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Comedic Pursuits and LGBTQ AF Presents: Distrtict Queer Comedy Festival.

November 15 & 16, 2019 at 7PM

The District Queer Comedy Festival is the first LGBTQ comedy festival in Washington, DC. The inaugural Festival features some of the best LGBTQ performers from DC, MD, VA, PA, NJ, and NY for two nights of shows. In addition to shows, the District Queer Comedy Festival has workshops and an open mic Comedy & Coffee show benefiting an LGBTQ charity. For further information, visit

Tickets November 15th show are available here. Line-up features: Kevin McLain, Christopher Hook, Joyce Rebar, Laura Delhomme, Shawn Fisher, Rachel Antomattei, Shawn Banks, Maddox Pennington, & The Plumbers

Tickets November 16th show are available here. Line-up features: Alejandro Morales, Michae Furr, Samantha Nokes, Elizabeth Norman, Ross Weisman, Ian Insect, & Ryan

*Line-up subject to change*

About the Performers

Kevin McLain
Inspired by topical late night hosts and scathing insult comics, Kevin occupies a unique space in the DC comedy scene. A former-Republican-turned-practically-Communist potty-mouth, he has won crowds over with his hilarious allusions and references to gender, race, sexuality, class, and politics. He has described his style of comedy as “Imagine Trevor Noah…but as a big gay slut.”

Christopher Hook
Chris Hook is a DC based comedian originally from Kentucky who finds humor in daily life. Forever a joiner, you can find him at his office book club, condo association, running club, alumni association chapter, or employee engagement groups whenever he’s not glued to his couch watching television and wondering why he isn’t training for a marathon.

Joyce Rebar
Joyce Rebar has been entertaining audiences in the DMV area for over 12 years. She has been accepted into many of the World Series of Comedy national competitions, and she also has performed in many of the Gaylarious shows that were held at the old Riot Act theater in DC. Her original stand-up training was at the DC Improv, and she has returned to the DC Improv Lounge for many shows. In addition, she has opened for Mimi Gonzalez and Jennie McNulty, in shows at Women’s Week in Provincetown, MA; and she has organized informal shows on Olivia (lesbian) cruises, in which she has entertained many a lesbian traveler.

Laura Delhomme
Laura Delhomme explores being single and bi, when’s the best time to get a 3rd cat, and when to break her parents’ hearts with news of of all 3.

Shawn Fisher
Shawn is a multi-ethnic, disabled, queer senior citizen, and has the AARP card to prove it!

Rachel Antomattei
Rachel is a rising talent who performs storytelling and observational humor.

Shawn Banks
Shawn is an interactive storyteller, who dives into pop-culture and current events from the POV of a black, gay young man.

Maddox Pennington
MK Pennington is a nonbinary queer writer and comedian, and the author of A Girl Walks Into a Book: What the Brontes Taught Me About Life, Love, and Women’s Work. They have performed all over the DMV including the Charm City Comedy Festival, DCAC, DC Drafthouse, DC Comedy Loft, Busboys and Poets, and many of DC’s finest dive bars.

The Plumbers
We fix toilets. Need we say more?

Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales is a founding member of stand-up collective Laughs On Philly, producer and co-host of the food-themed rap battle game show Eat Your Beats, creator and star of the web series Sadulous, spanish-language improvisor with Que Comedy, and comedian about town, performing at independent showcases as well as comedy establishments like Helium Comedy Club, Punch Line Philly, and Good Good Comedy Theatre. He is the 19th funniest comedian in Philadelphia.

Michael Furr
Michael Furr is Baltimore’s “Sweetheart of Comedy.” A comedian, producer, director and writer, Michael uses his narrative voice and conversational tone to put audiences at ease while leaving them in stitches. His hit stand up comedy special, “Straight Acting,” is delighting audiences across the world on Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and anywhere else that comedy is streamed.

Samantha Nokes
Sammie James is a comedian and story teller from New Jersey; where she hosts and produces The LGBT showcase Queerly Comedic. Sammie also hosts the podcast All Of My Friends Are Animals and The NYC Trans Variety show We Are Trans. She performs all over the east coast; including past appearances at Cinder Block Comedy Festival, Charm City Comedy Festival and Bechdal Test Fest; and she is soon to be your favorite disabled, nerdy, butch trans woman in comedy.

Elizabeth Norman
Native to Baltimore, Elizabeth Norman is a comedian, educator and very polite young lady. When she isn’t explaining mummies to children or teaching art classes, she entertains audiences all over Maryland and DC (and sometimes even Pennsylvania and Virginia!) either alone as a stand-up or with her sketch comedy group, Nightmares on ELM Street. As quick-witted as she is silly, Elizabeth is a delightful mix of proper, playful and absurd, with just a hint of an edge. She’s all the fun of your favorite redhead female cartoon protagonist, with a little extra depth!

Ross Weisman
Comedian and podcaster Ross Weisman has a neurotic mind. He has performed in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and once in a skeevy London bar (no one could understand his lack of an accent). His comedy style combines stories from his childhood and his modern-day failings to be a cool, well-rounded gay man

Ian Insect
America’s foremost cryptocomedian takes you on a deep dive through his shallow thoughts. Shifting between obsessive wordplay and physical comedy, between the surreal and the dialectic, Presenting a witty, sharp take on mundane notions, Ian’s act treads clumsily through self-examination and social awareness stopping just short of navel gazing. Most of the time.

Ryan is an improv duo who cordially invites you to brunch. Be careful: the tee is hot, and it will be spilled.

Laugh Index Theatre
January 15 – May 13th, 2020

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Laugh Index Theatre

Every Wednesday at From January 15th – May 13th  POSTPONED

Laugh Index Theatre is your one-stop shop for your comedy needs offering a variety of comedy shows and classes in stand-up, improv, sketch, & storytelling.

Door: $16 General / $12.50 DCAC Members

Tickets are available here