Helicopters and Vultures
June 19

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June 19 at 10p

$6 / $5 DCAC Members

For Reservations: Call DCAC at 202­462­7833

Performance poet Henry Mills appears in Helicopters and Vultures, an exploration of what itmeans to be a product of refugees, a survivor of their history and the fallout of the 20thcentury. Mills bares witness to the human struggle in an age of deportations and police raids;the children of war; hyphenated identity and undocumented love through a mix of poetry,hip­hop, Latin­American folk and jazz with a live score by DJ Fleg

Happy Hour
March 23

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Showschedule: Sunday, March 23 at 7:30

admission: $10/ $5 DCAC Members

reservations: call DCAC at 202­462­7833

JointhreeofWashington,DC’sfunnieststandupcomediansastheycrackyourfunnyboneinHappy Hour: A Standup Comedy Show.

Get Rich Cheating
September 30

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September 30 at 7:30

$15/ $10 DCAC Members

For tickets: www.brownpapertickets.com

Bill Hicks Spirit Award winning comedian and best selling author Jeff Kreisler proves that, in these times, there’s onlyone proven path to ridiculous amounts of money: Cheating. There’s been cheating for wealth ever since God createdthe heavens and Earth in six days, then submitted an invoice for seven. Everyone’s doing it ­ from sleazy CEOs tojuiced­up athletes, silicone­enhanced movie stars, and expense­report enhancing MPs ­ Why Not You?Based on his Boston Globe bestseller (from HarperCollins), Jeff Kreisler presents Get Rich Cheating, a satiricalhow­to, exploring the real life scams that brought the world to its knees, and got so many people so very rich.

I Take Requests
September 26

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September 26 at 7:30pm

$10/ $8 DCAC Members

For reservations call DCAC at 202­462­7833

Comedian Chris White (Last Comic Standing, XM Radio, HBO Comedy Festival) combines trivia, videos, stand­upand a grand­finale in one of the most eclectic, originial and entertaining shows you’ll ever see. Since 2006, he’s beentaking “requests” from friends, family and strangers ­­ any subject they wanted to hear jokes about. Sometimes it’seasy (cars, hair), sometimes it’s almost impossible (quadratic equations, Newton’s third law) and once it was PhilCollins. But now they’re all rolled into 90 minutes of awesome, for just $10.

Fieldwork For Mixed Discipline
December 16

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Wednesday, December 16, 7:30pm

$10/ $8 DCAC Members

For reservations call DCAC at 202­462­7833

The Dinner Party is an ongoing monthly alternative venue for experimental dance, music, and performance artproduced by Ilana Silverstein. For the December installment of Fieldwork for Mixed Disciplines, six artists will performworks in progress that they have been creating over the fall. Following the performance there will be a feedbacksession between the artists and the audience.

In Your Ear: Avert Garde Poetry

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March 16 + April 20 at 3:00pm. Third Sunday of every month at 3:00, September­, May

admission: $3/DCAC members free

The best in alternative, avant garde, experimental, innovative and/or non­mainstream poetryfrom DC and around the country.For info on the readers visit www.dcpoetry.com.

I’m not Oedipus
July 10

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Written and performed by Jay Nachman

July 10, 9:15 p.m and Saturday, July 11, 9:15 p.m. $15For tickets: Capital Fringe Festival Box Office

“I’ve described “I’m Not Oedipus” as a play about death, family relationships and religion. With jokes. The shortversion is that after my mom died, my dad began dating very quickly and the family got … dysfunctional. “I’m NotOedipus” follows the path I took following my mom’s death, with detours along the way for topics like sex and rock &roll. As I’ve said previously, I think it’s the perfect show for anyone who has, or ever had, a mother. I hope you’llcheck it out. I know some of the other Fringe Festival acts have much bigger names than mine; some with 16­17,even 20 letters, and mine is only a mere 10, so I truly appreciate your attendance and interest. And I hope you enjoythe play.”­ Jay Nachman

May 23 – 24

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Saturday May 23 at 7:30pm, Sunday May 24 at 3:00 and 7:30

$10, $8 for DCAC members (at the door)

For Reservations: Call DCAC at 202­462­7833

Proof, written by David Auburn, is a contemporary drama about a young woman withunrecognized genius. After the death of her brilliant but insane father, for whom she sacrificeda normal life and formal education, she reveals a groundbreaking mathematical proof. Theother character’s disbelief that an uneducated girl could produce such a piece and her fear offollowing in her father’s footsteps mentally as well as mathematically strains her relationships

November 6, 7, 13

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November 6, 7, 13 and 14 at 10pm

$10/ $8 DCAC Members

For reservations call DCAC at 202­462­7833

Four nights of on­the­spot comedy with new and established long­form improv troupes from across the District.Different troupes will perform each night with microCosm performing improv’s long­form darling, The Harold, a 3­actplay devised on the fly from a single audience suggestion.

Naughty and Nice
Dec. 11, Jan 3

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December 11 ­ January 3

Featuring A Christmas Twist OPENS TOMORROW!

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30

$25/ $20 DCAC Members (at the door)For tickets go to ​www.landlesstheatrecompany.org

OLIVER TWIST meets A CHRISTMAS CAROL in a twisted holiday tale from The Illegitimate Players of Chicago,featuring the Baughman brothers of Gutenberg! The Musical!. ​Rated NICE: Ok for the Whole Family.

AndCarrie Potter at the New Moon PromOPENS TOMORROW!

Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm

15/ $10 DCAC Members (at the door)For tickets go to ​www.landlesstheatrecompany.org

Young witch Carrie Potter battles catty schoolmates, a demanding mother and the seductive power of Jesus Christ inthis punk musical from the creators of Frozty The Abominable Snowman, featuring Lucrezia Blozia. But will that sexyvampire escort her to the New Moon Prom??!!! ​Rated NAUGHTY: For Immature Adults Only!

In Your Ear: Avert Garde Poetry
Nov. 22

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November 22nd 3:00

$5/ DCAC Members Free

The best in alternative, avant garde, experimental, innovative and/or non­mainstream poetry from DC and around thecountry. Featuring poets Kate Greenstreet and Karen Anderson. For more information about In Your Ear visitwww.dcpoetry.com.

much ado about nothing
Feb. 9&10

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February 9 & 10 at 7:30pm

ADMISSION: $15 / $13

DCAC members RESERVATIONS: www.rudemechanicals.com or call (301)317­7964

The atrical conventions of Shakespeare’s day necessitated an extremely interesting deception: a unisex cast, playing both male and female roles. In seventeenth century England, boys would have played women’s roles; today, we have the chance to turn the tables in that “merry war.” The Rudes’ Much Ado is set in 1943, in the midst of World War II. The men are all off to war, and the woman are left behind, to put on a play in their absence. An all­-female cast assumes a host of roles traditionally played by men, adding one more layer of illusion to the mix

Slingshot Hip-Hop

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December 6 at 3:00

$5/ $3 DCAC Members

For reservations call DCAC at 202­462­7833

A screening of Slingshot Hip­Hop, a documentary about Palestinian Rap Groups in Israel, the West Bank and Gaze,sponsored by Left Turn magazine

In Your Ear: Avant Garde Poetry

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Third Sunday of every month at 3:00, September, May

­$3/ DCAC Members Free

The best in alternative, avant garde, experimental, innovative and/or non­mainstream poetry from DC and around thecountry. For info on the readers visit www.dcpoetry.com


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Self­-Accusation by Peter Handke, directed by B Stanley, assisted by Rachel Reed

schedule: Thursdays­ Saturdays at 7:30pm

admission: $15/ $12 DCAC Members

reservations: call DCAC at 202.462.7833

Who are you? Are you what you should have been? How did you become who you are? Can you face your inaction, your culpability, your own judgment? Theatre DuJour presents an aural spectacle that invades your awareness and permeates your experience. “A spectacle without pictures, in as much as they give no picture of the world, ”as described by the Austrian author, who wrote this “Speak­-in” in 1966. The words of this spectacle take us from birth to the present, from awareness of self to awareness of action, from duty to demands, from expression to language, and from what we thought to what we became. Featuring Jerry Herbilia and Kris Roth. Sound design by Nate Taylor. Back by popular demand following a successful short run in November in the 10:00pm time slot. Don’t miss this chance to see Self Accusation before the production heads off to Edinburgh, Scotland as a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest theatre festival in the world.

Chinese Menu Comedy
September 25

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Chinese Menu Improv Comedy

September 25 at 7:30pm, October 2 at 10:00pm

$8 / $5 DCAC Members

For Reservations: Call DCAC at 202­462­7833

A special late night improv show with Peter Bergen!

The Journey
Feb 8 – 11, 14

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SCHEDULE: Feb 8, 11 & 14 at 7:30pm, Feb 9 & 10 at 10pm, Feb 11 at 3pm

ADMISSION: $15 / $10 DCAC members.

For reservations call DCAC at (202) 462­7833.

The Journey is a two-person comedy in which Kamau and Imani meet in a mall in Washington,DC. Imani is a paralegal who just passed the bar, is visiting from Idaho and it is her last day in town. She meets Kamau who is a different type of professional clown, but they hit it off right away, so they decide to spend the rest of the day together. She gives him her number but he loses it, which launched into a journey across the country to try and find her.

The Sistas of the Shaketown Tribe

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October 3 at 7:30pm

For reservations call DCAC at 202­462­7833

The Young Women’s Drumming Empowerment Project (YWDEP) showcase their talent in this masterful collection of spoken word poetry, West African rhythms, songs and dances, along with original music and movementchoreography. Themes include breaking stereotypes, finding strength through trauma and setting positive examplesfor today’s children and youth.For more upcoming YWDEP performances go to Youngwomendrum.orgRead more on YWDEP in this recent dcist.com profile

spooky dogs and the teenage-gang mysteries

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Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm

$18/ $14 DCAC Members (at the door)For Reservations: ​www.landlesstheatrecompany.org

An irreverent parody of Saturday morning cartoons – for adults only. The Teen­Age Mystery Gang will confront theirown burgeoning sexual desires, tasty dog treats with unexpected side effects, and a surprise penchant for busting amove. SPOOKY DOG uncovers hilarious, hidden subtext with razor­sharp wit and affectionate homage. You’ll neversee Saturday morning the same way again!