Amy Lin, Obsession,
December 15 – January 14

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Amy Lin
Curated by Anne Collins Goodyear, assistant curator of prints+drawings at the National Portrait Gallery

December 15 – January 14, 2007

Opening Reception: Friday, December 15, 7-9pm

With a soaring blue mass anchored above a small pink enclosure, “Separate Worlds” reads almost like a question mark. The comparison is apt where Amy Lin’s work is concerned. Enveloped in the artist’s meticulously rendered drawings is an implicit question: what are they? It is precisely in their resistance to easy categorization that the works reach out to spectators.

Lin’s work, with an exquisite calligraphic quality of interweaving cables, is composed of tiny spheres, rendered painstakingly, at varying scales, by the artist. Yet the work does not read as pure abstraction, concerned only with formal properties of color and composition. Instead, a careful examination of these lively surfaces reveals fascinating intersections between the minute units themselves—microbes of a sort— some of which seem to cohere with magnetic pull while others seem to resist one another. Through her use of pattern and repetition Lin has put into play dynamics that seem almost human in nature.

If the artist’s intensity, or “obsession,” reveals itself graphically, the work also brings about a deep sense of contemplative satisfaction. For through an act of meditative creation, Lin has constructed pictorial environments that produce a sense of immense space. Here the viewer can become lost in the delicate task of untangling skeins of threaded dots that tease the mind. – Anne Colins Goodyear

In Memory D Thompson,
December 16, 2006

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In Memory D Thompson

Curated by Buck Downs

Opening Reception: December 16th 7-9pm

A series of visual poems created by rubbing words from the names and related inscriptions found on headstones in historic Congressional Cemetery, Washington DC. Equal parts ghost story and concrete poem, each sequence teases out a mysterious syntax buried in the names of the dead. Buck Downs is a poet and book artist, publisher of Buck Downs Books.

Exchange: Richmond @ DC – ‘Twisted Roots’,
November 10, 2006

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Exchange: Richmond @ DC – ‘Twisted Roots’

Curated by Tosha Grantham
Presented by DCAC & WPA\C
November 10 – December 10, 2006

Opening Reception: November 10, 7-9pm

Featuring: Sanford Biggers, S. Ross Browne, Caryl Burtner, Sonya Clark, Taliaferro Logan, Ayo Ngozi, and Heide Trepanier

Check out the Washington Post review

Born Again Dada! Curated by J.W. Mahoney,
October 12-November 5

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Herb’s Choice:
Born Again Dada!

JS Adams, Ian Chase, David Hartwell, Linda Hesh, Brendan Howell, Mariah Josephy, Carolina Mayorga, Aaron Oldenburg, Betsy Packard, Anne Stillwood, Paul Thomas and Charles Westerman
Curated and juried by J.W. Mahoney

October 13 – November 5, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday, October 13, 7-9pm

DCAC put out an open call for Dada artists, poets and performers. This show will
feature artists selected by curator, J.W. Mahoney and will also include a variety of
performances and readings throughout the show’s duration. A gluttonous $250 prize will
be awarded to the most ‘dada’ submission from the open call.

Space Of Change, curated by Margaret Boozer and Claire Huschle,
September 8, 2006

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Space Of Change

Curated by Claire Huschle and Margaret Boozer
September 8- October 8, 2006Featuring the work of:

Martin Brief
Amy Kaplan
Justin Rabideau
Wendy Weiss & Jay Kreimer

Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 7-9pm
artists’ and curators’ talk:  7pm

Space of Change is an exhibition about “liminal spaces”…that pocket of time during which things/people transform from what they were into what they are going to become. The exhibition, curated by Claire Huschle and Margaret Boozer with help from Anne Surak, will introduce the work of five artists: Amy Kaplan, Martin Brief, Justin Rabideau, and the collaborative team of Wendy Weiss and Jay Kreimer.

Kaplan explores issues of trust, faith and illusion with her mummified stuffed animals, Brief takes a literal look at reading between the lines, Rabideau uses his native Georgia clay to explore the physical extensions of his thoughts and actions, while Weiss and Kreimer create a motion-triggered sound and fiber installation with social and political underpinnings.


The Document, A Presentation of The B-Boy Project,
August 18, 2006

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The Document

A presentation of The B-Boy Project

August 18 – September 3, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday Aug. 18th 7-9pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, Sept. 3 at 5:00
Featured Artists: Bat, Brandon Hill, Alex Meiners, Peter Chang

The Document is an exhibit of the documentation of the artists’ use of Breakdancing as a means to move paint over canvas. The idea was threefold: first creating two-dimentional art pieces as a result of a performance; second documenting the entire process by video; and third, photographing every step and action taken during the breakdancing sessions. The Document is a collaborative visual, musical, and physical exploration of the B-boy/hip-hop culture.

for more info visit:

1460 Wall Mountables !!!
July 28, 2006

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1460 Wall Mountables !!!

July 28 – August 13

Opening Reception: July 28, 7-9pm
Installation: July 26, 27, 28

Each year we section the gallery into 2’x2′ squares and have an open call to

For complete rules/regulations:
Don’t miss DCAC’s annual fundraising event where you can show your art, sell your art, and compete
with other artists to win $100!
Buy your own 2′ x 2′ space or just come to the opening reception on July 28th, 2006 from 7-9pm.
2006 Wall Mountables Installation dates: July 26th 3-8pm, July 27th 3-8pm, July 28th 3-6pm
opening reception 7/28 7-9pm

Vox Populi: Home Free,
June 30, 2006

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Vox Populi- “Home Free”

Kate Abercrombie, Stefan Abrams, Doina Adam, Amy Adams, Anita Allyn, Corey Antis, Leah Bailis, Gabriel Boyce, Robert Chaney, Micah Danges, Sarah Daub, Nadia Hironaka, M. Ho, Charles Hobbs, Joseph Hu, Maximillian Lawrence, John Lorenzini, Roxana Perez-Mendez, Matthew Suib and Eva Wylie

June 30- July 23, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday June 30 7-9pm

Homefree, a group exhibition of the artist members of Vox Populi, is a nod to our recent agoraphobia (we haven’t traveled in a while) and also, an attempt to put a positive spin on our impending homelessness (our building is being torn down sometime this year). Expect the unexpected as Vox members pack up their paintings, videos, sculpture, photos, prints, and concepts, and in our rented minivan careen down 95 to show DC how we do it in Philly and make some new friends.

Founded in 1988, Vox Populi is a nonprofit artist collective that supports the work of emerging artists with monthly exhibitions, gallery talks, performances and lectures. For nearly 20 years, Vox has occupied a unique role in the artistic and cultural community in Philadelphia by bringing our audience cutting-edge contemporary art and a diverse range of
programming, while at the same time providing a supportive environment where young artists can feel free to experiment, take risks and gain valuable experience to help them lauch their professional careers.
Come visit!

Sunday Art Forums at DCAC,
June 11, 2006

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Sunday Art Forums at DCAC

Sundays at 7:30 in the DCAC
Theater Admission: FREE!

Get your weekly art fix, and hear about issues that face today’s artists, art historians,
curators and collectors.

June 11: Social Commentary in Art, moderated by Marc Cohen, PhD
Featured Panelists: Gabriela Bulisova, Laura Burns, Geoff Bell and Jack Rasmussen
June 25: The role of art historians, curators and critics in the contemporary art
scene, moderated by Marc Cohen, PhD

Featured Panelists:
Joshua Shannon, Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art History & Theory at the University of
Maryland, Rex Weil, independent curator, critic and artist, Judith Brodie, curator of modern prints and drawings at the National Gallery of Art, JW Mahoney, independent curator, critic and artist

July 16: The Intersection of Art and Architecture, moderated by Ira Tattleman and organized Ira Tattleman and Dan Emberly

Featured Panelists:
Janet Bloomberg:
Michael Janis:
G. Byron Peck:
Kelly Towles:

July 23: Making, showing and collecting video art, moderated by Marc Cohen

PhDFeatured Panelists: Kathryn Cornelius, Djakarta, Philip Barlow, Jefferson Pinder

*this series is funded by the Humanities Council of Washington, DC which is an affiliate of the National Endowment of Humanities

May 26-June 25

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Sandra Jeknavorian, Andrew Prayzner, Matthew Clay-Robison and Joseph Segal

May 26 – June 25, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday, May 26, 7-9pm

Images of suburbia are prevalent in contemporary visual culture. At their
best, the suburbs are portrayed as a safe and peaceful utopia, full of happy
and healthy families, and free of crime; at worst, conformist and lacking in
diversity and individual expression. The suburbs have come to represent an
ideal, the fulfillment of the American dream of land ownership, a house, two
cars, and 2.5 children. This American ideal has been the subject of constant
scrutiny. This exhibition seeks to explore suburbia as both the birthplace of,
and an inspiration to, artists, portraying the love/hate relationship that those
who grew up in the suburbs often share. – Matthew Best

Don’t Bring No Bad News, curated by Barbara Blanco,
April 28 – May 21

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Don’t Bring No Bad News

Michael Platt, Harlee Little, Kasha Stewart + Kim Johnson
Curated by Barbara Blanco

April 28 – May 21, 2006

Throughout history the visual narrative of the African American experience has focused on negative and derogatory imagery.  Don’t Bring No Bad News, the latest exhibition at the District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC), attempts to defy this narrative using photographic accounts that reveal the spirit, hope, and joy that shine through the darkness of the popular portrayal of the African American.

Curated by Barbara Blanco, Don’t Bring No Bad News gathers the work of four local artists who collectively attempt to tell the story of the black experience in Washington, D.C. using strikingly vivid photography.  Harlee Little, Kim Johnson, Michael Platt, and Kasha Stewart, all members of The Black Artists of DC, will be featured in the exhibition.

Blanco is a fine art photographer based in Washington, D.C. who has devoted her self-taught skills to exhibits for The Graham Collection, The Black Artists of D.C., four one-woman shows, and over twenty premier gallery exhibits in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metro areas.  Blanco has also served as a member of the Art Selection Committee at the Anne Arundel Community College, as well as a board member for the Urban Artists Coalition, and organization that partners professional artists with under-privileged youth.

The exhibit entitled, “Don’t Bring No Bad News”, will focus on positive imagery that reflects the African American experience. It captures our spirit, our hopes, our joy, our laughter, our faith and the inspiration we encounter everyday in our lives.

Curatorial Initiative: From Sea to Shining Sea,
March 31-April 23

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DCAC’s Curatorial Initiative
From Sea to Shining Sea

Curated by Ori Z. Soltes and Cara Ober

March 31 – April 23

Opening Reception: Friday, March 31, 7-9 pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, April 23, 4pm

The exhibit title and underlying concept play with the rich visual possibilities that the sea as a subject has to offer to so many artists. It alludes specifically to the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, which asserted that it was God’s will that the republic expand from ocean to ocean, and its relevance today. The artists represented in this group show come from coast to coast and their subject matter relates to the sea.

Funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation

Curatorial Initiative: H Y S T O R I A,
March 3 – March 26

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DCAC’s Curatorial Initiative


Curated by J.W Mahoney and Lisa McCarty
March 3-March 26

March 3rd 7-9pm


Featuring the work of:
Geoff Bell
Julee Holcombe
Betsy Packard
Jeffrey Smith
Champneys Taylor

Artist Talk: March 12, 4:00pm

The anxieties that the present course of history induces in artists are often most creatively bourn indirectly. The social chaos, and the pressure of information, the “wreckage,” is monumental. Turning aside offers periphera l vision a full scope. And turning around to the Past offers a very different range of worlds than the one that our present ceaselessly opens. All this data can feel useful, and strangely beautiful. These five artists in Hystoria present unfamiliar beauties emerging from our image and form-rich visual history –created in the context of the strong geopolitical uncertainties we’re witnessing right now.

Funded by  the Andy Warhol Foundation


Bruce McKaig, Time Markers,
January 27 – February 26

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Time Markers

Bruce McKaig
Curated by art critic Andy Grunberg

January 27-February 26, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday, January 27, 7-9pm
In-gallery events: February 11,18 and 25 at 2:30pm

A project that simultaneously makes a single cumulative pinhole photograph and a digital time-lapse animation of scenes from the arts, science, business, family and social rituals
Since January 2005, Bruce McKaig has been photographing people in their places of
work, simultaneously using a pinhole cameramade froma paint can and a digital camera to capture time-lapse stills at regular intervals. The project is called Time Markers anduses both crude pinholephotography and digital technologies to record and display events from science, the arts, nature, business,social and family rituals. The materialresults from Time Markers include the single cumulative pinhole exposure, large digital contactsheets of the still
images, and a DVD where allimages have been clipped together to produce a flipbook-like animation. This projectexamines activities that surround us but that
are rarely observed: a bookkeeper, a construction site, a business meeting, a family
reunion, a cake decorator, a Rock and Roll band rehearsal, waiters at a sidewalk cafe, an archivist, people watching the news, a photography class, a paper mache artist, an exotic dancer, a frame shop, tourists in DC, a pianist rehearsing, me hand coloring photographs.
The DCAC exhibition will display monitors for the DVD animations, large prints of the
time-lapse images, and light boxes with transparentpinhole images. In addition, events will be scheduled and photographed in the gallery during the exhibition to allow the public to see the paint can and digital cameras in action.

Events will take place in the DCAC gallery and will demonstrate the pinhole camera technique.
Saturday Feb 11th at 2:30- Paul Begley, caterer will make hors d’ouevres
Saturday Feb 18th at 2:30- Caron Anton, CPA, will do bookkeeping
Saturday Feb 25th at 2:30- Kerry Keeler, artist, will do bookbinding