By Ellyn Weiss & Richard Dana

October 18th – December 1st

Opening Reception: October 18th, 7-9pm

Closing Reception/Artist Talk: December 1st, 5pm

ReVisions is a joint exhibition of new work by Ellyn Weiss and Richard Dana, longtime friends and sometime collaborators. For this show, they started with a series of monoprints on acrylic by Ellyn, which formed the initial data point for Richard’s digital re-imaginings. The work is, in turn, exuberant, mysterious and unpredictable..
















Nano Sculptures
A Series of Small Works in Bronze by John D. Antone

September 13th – November 17th

Opening Reception: Friday, September 13th, 7PM – 9PM
Closing Reception/Artist Talk: Sunday, November 17th, 5pm

Curated by Phillip Barlow

John D. Antone’s bronze sculptures are created with the ancient “lost wax” and “lost mold” casting techniques, wherein the original model or mold is destroyed in order to finish the piece. There is no room for mistakes in transforming Antone’s fragile models into bronze; failure means all the hours of his work on the model are lost. While classical bronze sculptures are normally solid, closed forms, Antone’s sculptures assemble “found” objects with his architectonic forms, paying particular attention to the effects of light and shadow.

Image: “Nano Sculpture #1,” (2019) John D. Antone                 Photo/M. Lababidi