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Joanne Kent
February 28th 2020

Talismans invite us on a path to introspection, to meditate and to conjure. Because any object made with specific intentions can service as such. Art is imbued with the energy of its making, it can act as talismans and energize the space it inhabits. The sculpted and textured hues of the small works in this show are organic and visceral, and hopefully will assist the viewer in a reconnection with and respect for the manifested power contained in art and the nuanced abstractions of nature’s and life’s bits and pieces.]

Kent, a Minnesota native, holds an MFA from the University of  Minnesota. She has been living and working in DC for several decades. Her work is mostly heavily impastoed and reductive in nature, crossing the lines between painting and sculpture.  In addition to oil paint on canvas, this show contains several of her constructed wall sculptures. Her work is non narrative and focuses on the intrinsic qualities of the materials and its materiality, in addition to the process of making the work, which often takes months or even years to complete.